Who we are

Helen - The Boss!

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I am a self taught graphic and web designer with 4 years experience of graphic design, and a good couple of years experience of web design. I love what I do. Not just the design process, but working with you guys, our customers. There's no better feeling than having produced something special that really hits the mark for a client. My business is special to me, and so I understand how important it is to get the branding, and the feel of a design right. Throughout any process we'll look after you, work with you, and you and your needs will be at the centre of what we do. If you come to us for web or graphic design work I guarantee that you will be blown away not only by what we produce, but with our service!

Alice - The Brains!

I'm an HR consultant, (that's Human Resources if you've found your way onto this site looking for web stuff and never heard of HR). It means I can help you with the people side of your business. Ok so it may just be you by yourself at the moment but when you do expand you'll be glad of a bit of advice on recruiting the right people (and keeping them!), having the best employment policies in place and generally knowing what to do if things start to go a bit belly up! You can rely on Alice Ackroyd Consulting to give you proper good professional advice, tailored to your needs but drawn from over 20 years experience in the business… Click on Business Development for more info.

Dan - The Brains, the Braun and the Beard!

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